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Remote EEG Monitoring


Our continuous remote EEG monitoring services eliminate staffing gaps and shortages, are cost-effective, and improve patient care by slashing lengths of stay and catching seizures/spells sooner.

24/7/365 coverage -
anytime, anywhere.

Staffing gaps and shortages? No problem. Whether it be holidays, weekends, or nights, our teams of

R. EEG T.s are available within 30 minutes of service request.

Our R. EEG Ts continuously monitor your patients
in real time.

This provides care providers with an unparalleled view into their patients EEG activity. The result?

More accessible EEGs, shorter patient stays, and less pressure on your facility's staff.

4:1 patient to
technologist ratio

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BioSerenity enforces a 4:1 patient to R. EEG T. ratio, 4 patients per technologist. This ensures that each patient receives undivided attention during their EEGs. We are compliant with all CPT coding requirements.

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Our services are reliable & safe.

1. Highly qualified technologists trained with our own cutting edge technology.

2. All of our software and practices are fully HIPAA compliant.

We keep your data secure. Always.

With strict data encryption methods and access policies, you don't need to worry about your patients' data being anywhere it shouldn't be.

Our IT staff will work hand in hand with yours to ensure all of our security systems are in line with one another.

How does it work?


When EEG monitoring is needed, call our dedicated line to speak with one of our technologists. We will provide support within 30 minutes.


We will obtain patient, nursing staff, on call physician information from your staff member.


We will then remote into your facility's EEG system using our secure software to access the patient's EEG.


The monitoring technologist will continuously monitor the patient and notify the appropriate staff/physician of any EEG changes.

Ready to
get started?

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