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At home sleep study

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A sleep study to improve population sleep health and facilitate sleep health research



1. Allow scientists at BioSerenity to understand how commonly sleep apnea occurs in the general population, as well as any factors that may increase someone’s risk for sleep apnea. Sleep apnea involves repeated episodes of partial and complete pauses in breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea can cause disrupted sleep, daytime sleepiness, and fatigue. Untreated sleep apnea can also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, diabetes, obesity, depressed mood, and automobile accidents.

2. We are conducting this study to help us identify individuals for other research programs. Researchers may use information from your completed survey and home sleep test (if applicable) to consider you for potential eligibility for other sleep research studies.

What will happen after I sign up

If you are willing, and deemed eligible, someone from BioSerenity will contact you to confirm your home address and review HST procedures. You will also be given written and online guides to aid, as needed. Next, BioSerenity will ship an HST kit to your home address. You will be asked to apply the HST for two nights of sleep and return all equipment in the pre-paid mailer.

Home Sleep Test - BioSerenity, Sleep Research and Solutions
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The AccuSom home sleep test (HST) is a small recorder (worn on the subject’s arm), a single chest sensor to measure chest wall movement associated with breathing, a small nasal tube to measure airflow, and an oximeter finger probe that measures oxygen saturation. The device has a wireless transmitter allowing direct upload of your sleep data to the BioSerenity database.  We call all data collected from the sleep study, HST data.

Compensation and time

You will be paid the total amount if you complete the entire study. Study completion is defined as two nights of a HST, with a minimum of 6 hours of HST use each night. If only 1 HST night is completed, you will be paid half of the total amount.

Other qualifying factors

  • At least 22 years of age

  • Suspect you have "healthy" sleep

  • Willing to have a sleep test in your home

Let's build a better future for sleep health.

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