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Sleep Solutions

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BioSerenity is the leader in sleep diagnostics providing resources in addition to clinical and managerial expertise.

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Home Sleep Testing

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BioSerenity is the only Sleep Management solution provider that manufactures their own FDA cleared HSAT device. This allows for unparalleled access to equipment and supplies. We manage inventory and have devices ready to meet patient demand for testing. BioSerenity’s direct-to-patient program eliminates concerns over unnecessary travel and disease exposure. The outcome is cost reduction and faster time to treat resulting in more efficient clinical management.


Sleep Management Software

A fully customizable, end-to-end software for sleep program management features scheduling for in-lab studies, office visits as well as comprehensive HST processing and shipping.



- Compliance reporting
- Text messaging
- Numeric reporting

- Remote access
- DME Ordering
- Patient portal

- Forms, questionnaires, surveys
- HSAT direct to patient mail order
- Referring physician portal

- Scheduling
- Email notifications
- Dashboard reporting

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Sleep Program Management

Our solutions leverage best practices to optimize sleep centers. The manner in which we operate the program facilitates stronger clinical outcomes, higher profitability, and less stress on an institutions infrastructure to support this service line.

- Clinical management
- Equipment & supplies
- Staffing
- Scheduling
- Insurance authorization
- National footprint

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Lab Management
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